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Any person, community, or organization who is adversely impacted by Spark+ Africa Fund SCSp can lodge a grievance against the Fund, manager, advisor, an investee company, or any other party related to the Fund.


Grievances should preferably contain the following information:

  1. The identity of the complainant(s): name(s), address(es) and other contact information;

  2. The identity of the individual, project, or other party related to the Fund against which the complaint is being made;

  3. A description of the issue; and

  4. A description of any action taken to date.

The persons who have lodged a grievance will be kept informed about expected response times and progress made in addressing grievances. The identity of the complainant will be kept confidential. ​Grievances can be submitted via the contact form of this website. Any complaint submitted will be reviewed by the Fund's ESG Director and automatically shared with the Fund's Advisory Committee for 3rd party review. ​Grievances can also be sent to the Fund's Central Administration Agent by letter to:

Spark+ Africa Fund SCSp

c/o Finimmo Luxembourg SA 

18 rue Robert Stümper

L-2557 Luxembourg

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