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Spark+ Africa Fund was developed through a partnership between leaders in

the African domestic energy sector, impact investing, and asset management.


Sponsor and Exclusive Investment Advisor; Shareholder in GP

Enabling Qapital Ltd. (EQ) is a leading impact investment advisory company with strong ties in the impact investment sector and deep expertise in finance, with its founding partners unique skillsets and 100+ year proven track record. In addition to Spark+, EQ is the exclusive advisor to the more than $500 million Enabling Microfinance Fund. EQ has a global footprint and team consisting of more than 50, including investment professionals across Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America who originate, execute, and monitor investments.

Stichting Modern Cooking.png

Sponsor and TA Partner; Shareholder in GP


Stichting Modern Cooking (SMC) is a Netherlands-based foundation focused on access to clean and modern cooking solutions in developing countries through the provision of technical assistance and the development of investment initiatives such as Spark+ Africa Fund. SMC was created with support from the Clean Cooking Alliance and is governed by a Board of Directors which includes recognized experts in the energy sector, international development, climate change/climate finance, and impact investing.


Regulated Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM)

Founded in 2010, Woodman is an independent investment boutique serving wealthy individuals & family offices. Our investment capabilities are built on the expertise of our in-house investment professionals in Zug and London, and a hand-picked network of partners, in which Woodman holds strategic stakes. Woodman is authorised and regulated by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority).


Fund Promoter and TA Partner

Launched in 2010, the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA), an initiative of the United Nations Foundation, is a leading clean cooking-focused multinational development organization. CCA undertakes a range of programs designed to accelerate access, including a global industry development program, the Cooking Industry Catalyst, which aims to demonstrate the viability of business models that deliver high-impact clean cooking solutions. CCA originally conceived, and supported the development, of Spark+ Africa Fund, and delivers advisory and grant support to the Fund's pipeline and portfolio companies through its Venture Catalyst program.

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