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From microfinance institutions in rural Benin, to stove manufacturing companies in Zambia, to vertically-integrated fuel utilities in Kenya, we offer a range of financing solutions to companies throughout the supply chains of numerous clean and modern cooking fuels and appliances.

The common thread within our portfolio is that companies play a role in scaling up the use of alternatives to dirty and unsustainable cooking practices in Africa.

We invite companies that meet the following criteria to contact us, including those that are:

  • Engaging in cooking solutions directly e.g. as a product designer, manufacturer, distributor, retailer, consumer finance provider, technology provider, etc.

  • Engaging with potential consumers of cooking solutions e.g. as an off-grid solar utility, FMCG distributor or retailer, microfinance institution, mini-grid operator, etc.

  • Operating in one or more countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Post-revenue with demonstrated proof-of-concept.

Companies in which we may invest include:

  • Industrial-scale manufacturers of stoves and other appliances (e.g. cylinders, meters, etc.) related to ethanol, LPG, or biomass cooking fuels, as well as electric cooking appliances.

  • Integrated utility companies: pay-as-you-go LPG, tech-enabled ethanol distribution, gasification stoves with pellet fuel, etc.

  • Companies that commercialize pre-fabricated biogas solutions.

  • Producers of biomass fuels such as pellets, briquettes, and ethanol.

  • Financing and distribution intermediaries such as LPG distributors, multi-product last-mile distributors, off-grid solar players and other connected asset finance companies, mini-grid operators, and microfinance institutions.

  • Off-balance sheet carbon project finance structures established by various actors throughout the value chain, from stove manufacturers, to specialized carbon project developers, to product distributors with established routes to market.

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